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PHONE 07 4068 8194 ---- Overseas 61 7 4068 8194
11, Mission Circle, Mission Beach, Queensland 4852

Isn't the internet wonderful - you are able to book your accommodation online. However, you'll need to have a credit card handy. The online system will ask you for card details (Visa or Mastercard), and when the booking comes through we'll take a $50 deposit.

If you are booking the King Suite, the online system will allow you to book it for 2 or 3 people.

When booking a Queen Room, the online system will assume that it is for two people. If it is for a single person only, then by all means book the room online, and in the Special Requests just mention that it is for one person and we will adjust the cost of the booking when it comes through to us (the single rate is much cheaper than the rate for two people).

If you wish to have two separate beds in the Queen room (ie one Queen bed and one single bed), then again just mention that you need an extra bed in the Special Requests. If you are in any doubt then please email or phone before making the booking.

And if you decide to stay at Licuala Lodge for a week, then you only pay for 6 nights - what a bargain !! The online system will quote for 7 nights, but when the booking comes through we will adjust it so that the cost is only 6 nights.

We do not allocate all our rooms to the BOOK ONLINE system so if your dates are unavailable, then email or phone and we may be able to accommodate you.

Check Availability and Book Online - Queen or King Suite


The Executive Chef and the Trainee Waiter, enjoying a quiet moment before the breakfast rush. Is she thinking 'I wonder how many guests will want extra pancakes this morning ?' and is he thinking 'I hope I get everybody's order right this morning - one more mistake and the chef will fire me for sure !!

Now there is a rare sight !! Looks like the under Gardener and head Chambermaid have finished their chores for the day and are enjoying a refreshing glass of orange juice by the pool. I hope that they have both put on lots of sunscreen, otherwise they may well regret it later in the day. I wonder if the head Chambermaid/Head Chef/Supplies Manager knows that the cheeky young gardener has put some vodka in her orange juice ??

Finally, a nice picture of your genial hosts, taken by Michael and Tanya from Cairns (but they now live in Sydney). The landlady is the good looking one with the hat (who has since shed many kilos), and the landlord is the well-dressed one. The yellow flower growing on the boardwalk bridge is a Climbing Allamanda (Mandevilla Guanabarica) - flowers almost all year round. However it has since been replaced by an Orange Trumpet Flower and a Bougainvillea.
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