Mission Beach Accommodation - Licuala Lodge Grounds

PHONE 07 4068 8194 ---- Overseas 61 7 4068 8194
11, Mission Circle, Mission Beach, Queensland 4852

The Mission Beach accommodation of Licuala Lodge is a unique Queenslander style home, built using timber poles and timber throughout. We have approx 2.5 acres, most of which is pristine rainforest to be found to the rear of the Queen rooms.

The lush tropical garden and the beautiful swimming pool are overlooked by the Queen room verandah. The breakfast verandah is on the upper deck of the main house with glorious views of the grounds and all the visiting birds and butterflies.

All sorts of weird and wonderful tropical plants can be found in the garden. Have a look at the Flowers page - lots of photos on there. We have a range of grevilleas, bottlebrushes, heliconias, bromeliads, agave, cacti and lots of lush tropical species.

We grow a variety of fruits with some degree of success, including pawpaw(papaya), pineapple, dragonfruit, passionfruit, guava and various citrus fruits (including a Buddha's Hand). Have you ever seen a Budda's Hand fruit ??

Sue has a little herb garden just outside the kitchen which is doing very nicely. We have a couple of vegetable plots and we grow what we can - weather permitting and wildlife permitting. We had our first success with tomatoes in 2015, so depending on the time of year you will be treated to home-grown tomatoes for breakfast, and they taste so much better than shop bought tomatoes.

Our waterfall feature swimming pool has just got to be one of the best in the area. It is a decent size - 70,000 litres. You are welcome to swim and relax around the pool day or night.

To make your stay all the more enjoyable, there is a large comfortable lounge with a big screen TV. Hundreds of books are available for a book swap - now isn't that a good idea. Lots of board games including Trivial Pursuit, chess, dominoes and cards. We know that eating out at restaurants can prove to be very expensive, so make use of our cooking facilities. Just outside the lounge is the famous Aussie BBQ. Laundry facilities are here as well. And if you must surf the web whilst on your holiday, then Wi-Fi is here.

Why stay anywhere else ???


Licuala Lodge - Accommodation Mission Beach

Accommodation  Mission Beach

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