LICUALA LODGE - 11, Mission Circle, Mission Beach, Queensland 4852

(N.B. You'll also need the detailed instructions from CAIRNS to Mission Beach)

Queensland Police are pretty hot on speeding, especially when entering and exiting small towns - be warned. The speed limit in suburban areas in Queensland is 50 kph unless signed otherwise - so watch your speed !!
Answer the questions correctly and you get an extra biscuit/muffin on arrival.

Now you could be staying anywhere in the Tablelands, or just passing through and there are several routes that you could take. The majority of people staying in the Tablelands area will have accommodation at Yungaburra, so I will use that as a starting point. The route will be Yungaburra, Malanda, Millaa Millaa down to Innisfail. There are two routes from Yungaburra to Malanda, and the one below is the more scenic.

Head out of Yungaburra towards Atherton (so as you are heading out of Yungaburra the Eden House Mountain Spa and Allumbah Pocket Cottages will be on your right, and you will pass by the Yungaburra Park Motel on your left).



Peterson Creek
Turn left - signposted Curtain Fig Tree. If you haven't already done so stop by and have a look at this magnificent tree.
When was the Peeramon Pub built ??
Go over a rickety wooden bridge
Turn left at the T-junction (should be signposted Malanda)

What creek does the Beattie Bridge straddle ??
I'm not sure if the bridge was named after a very recent PM of Queensland, who grew up in Atherton. His final act of leadership was to force local councils to amalgamate - not a popular decision at all.
Nicholas Creek
What is the name of the bridge over Cleminson Creek ??
VIC (Visitor Information Centre). Not a bad little centre - worth a visit if you have a few minutes.
Malanda Falls - have a swim here, very refreshing.
Wind your way through Malanda. Just before you pass the Malanda Hotel on your right, you can take a right and have a look at the Majestic Theatre, which is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) continually operating picture theatre in Australia, completed in December 1928. It now shows movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
The Malanda Hotel boasts the largest wooden staircase in the Southern Hemisphere. By all means go in and have a look.
Carry on and take a right turn, signposted Millaa Millaa and Innisfail. At the junction, on the left is the Malanda Dairy Centre. Excellent museum, and they also do tours of the factory. Again, well worth a visit.





Malanda Lodge Hotel
Williams Creek
Jaggan Creek
The Travellers Rest Guest House. At weekends they run Murder Mystery games.
Ithaca Creek

As you pass through the village, Hillside Eden Garden is on the right. They are part of the Australian Open Garden scheme - which means that they have a beautiful garden. Mind you it will cost you $10 to have a look round - but that might well include a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Dirran Creek

Tarzali Lakes. If you have time to kill, drop in here for a spot of fishing, birdwatching, tour of the farm and (guaranteed) Platypus Spotting.


Newsagency /Cafe sign
How much is it for a double room at the Long Yard B&B ??
I know it's a lot less than we charge, but are we comparing apples with apples ??
Millaa Millaa (aboriginal meaning is Many Waters)- pronouced Mill-a Mill-a (as in the a from and), NOT Mill-ah Mill-ah
How much is it for a game of golf at the Millaa Millaa Golf club ??


Just through the village is the waterfall circuit. The circuit brings you back to road that you are on. The best of the waterfalls is Millaa Millaa Falls. It has a car park and a coach/bus park. Use the coach/bus park - not so far to walk. For those of you old enough to remember the TV advert for Timotei Shampoo ( a lovely lady with long blonde hair and a waterfall in the background), that was filmed here.

The Falls Teahouse and the turnoff to the waterfall circuit.

So your options are to carry straight on, or turn right to Millaa Millaa Falls and then come back, or turn right and do the complete waterfall circuit which brings you out a couple of kms further along the road that you are on now.

Waterfalls Circuit exit.

Eventually you'll be climbing a long hill, and you should pass an Organic Banana Farm on the left.
What is the name of the house with the shiny green roof called ?? (It's on the right before the crest of the hill)

If you like waterfalls look out for the left turn for the Mungalli Falls. That is also a circuit which brings you back to the road you are now on.

What is the name of the bridge over the Beatrice River ??
Learmouth Creek
Look out for the Fauna Crossings above the road.

Djallon Creek
What is the population of Johnstone Shire ??
Haig Creek
Douglas Creek
What is the name of the bridge over Henrietta Creek ??
Gooligan Creek
Tchoratippa Creek
Walking track to Tchupala Falls


Crawford's Lookout. It looks very much like a rainforest canopy walkway is being built here. There has always been talk of this being built, but the government wanted to find a private enterprise partner and it looks as though one has been found. Lots of local and green opposition to the development - let's hope that the end product is a good compromise for all parties.

How far is it to the Johnstone River Crocodile Farm ??

I don't think that there is any signage, but on the right you should see lots of rows of very neat, trimmed small hedges. This is the Nucifora Tea plantation.



East Palmerston
East Palmerston State School
Fishers Creek
How far to the Innisfail Quarry ??
What is Nature's Plant Food (100% organic) ??

If you are planning on visiting Paronella Park before coming to Mission Beach then take the right turn to South Johnstone. Then continue south heading for Mission Beach - otherwise stay on the road and continue towards Innisfail.

Banana and Fruit stall

Whose Hill is it ??


Carry on until you meet the Bruce Highway. Turn right and head for Innisfail.
Just before the junction on the right is a Driver Reviver station. If it is manned, you can get a free cuppa and a biscuit. Toilets are nice and clean.

Detailed instructions from this point are on the Cairns to Mission Beach detailed instructions.